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3D or three dimensional, as the name suggests, is a physical form consisting of any three of these five dimensions – length, breadth, height, width or height. Simply put, a cone is a 3D figure while a triangle is its 2D form. Similarly, if you compare a circle with a sphere, the latter is the 3D form.

Diversifying its importance in physics and mathematics, 3D has now come to great relevance in the world of home décor. From 3D prints on bed sheets to wall clocks, the usage is growing manifold.

3D Bed Sheet 3D Bed sheets:
Although there’s never been a dearth of options when it comes to choosing a bed sheet, now with 3D technology in charge, the pool just got wider. The same floral, striped and digital prints are now available in their 3D avatars too.

3D Wall Sticker 3D Wall Decals:
Wall stickers and decals have changed the complete definition of easy decorating. Their prints, colors and themes do not fail to charm the décor aesthetics of many. And with 3D on their side, these decals have claimed the top rank for the most desirable décor element today.

3D Wall Panel 3D Wall Panels:
Unlike wall decals, wall panels cover the entire wall just like a wall paper. Made of paper pulp, they are also easy to apply thanks to the video tutorial.

3d Wall Clock 3D Wall Clock:
Another wall decorative and an essential one on that note, wall clocks have experience all styles of all decades. Thus, their 3D form had to come in the picture. 3D wall clocks are mainly of 2 types – printed ones and embossed ones. While the former resembles more with the classic form, the latter appeals to vivid taste.

3D Laptop Skin 3D Phone Covers & Laptop Skins:
These fashion accessories have now become a need. Every phone cover or laptop skin is in itself a unique style statement. People who are tech-savvy can now be fashion-savvy too.

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