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ABS Plastic

Abs Salt Pepper ABS, short for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is a thermoplastic used widely in many industries due to its varied physical and chemical properties. It is tough yet resilient due to the presence of polybutadiene, which is a form of rubber. This makes it possible to use the process of injection molding to manufacture products of desired shape. Its natural color is ivory and it gets the luster from styrene, the third monomer. It is also available in transparent form.

The important chemical properties of this material include flammability and damage by sunlight. However it is possible to obtain fire retardancy by adding other improvers. Another great quality of ABS plastic is that it can be modified with other additives or even by altering the ratio of the three monomers to improve the functional properties.

Abs Home Accent The major consumers of ABS plastic are household and consumer goods. Many daily use kitchen products like spice racks, kitchen tools, kitchen appliances, serving trays, coffee grinders, etc. are made using this plastic. It is resistant to oils and all sorts of greases which makes it suitable for cold food storage. Apart from kitchen, ABS plastic is also used in bathroom accessories, home accents, wall clocks and many other products. The quality of being lightweight makes it a broadly usable component.

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