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Acacia Wood

Accent Furniture Acacia wood is an eye-catching, scented wood that is made from acacia shrubs or trees. This wood is strong and is available in various shades and is popularly used for crafting furniture, flooring and ornaments. There are 1,300 species of acacia tree and shrubs in the world. Accent Furniture Acacia wood is durable, moisture resistant and solid and stands as a perfect choice for crafting furniture. Solid acacia wood is aesthetically pleasing displaying unique rustic grain patterns. It comes in warm contrasting hues. Acacia wood furniture looks wonderful and can beautifully complement your contemporary as well as traditional homes.

Acacia wood is widely used in flooring. With its natural brown shade, the flooring will just suit homes with a traditional appeal. If the household has hardwood furniture, acacia wood flooring will beautifully match it. Even if the house has a contemporary appeal to it, acacia wood flooring will do wonders for your home décor. In many shades of brown, it simply gives a rich look to the entire decor.

Buy furniture like beds, tables, wall shelves and cabinets that are crafted out of Acacia wood. It will give a royal look to the interiors of the room. Acacia wood furniture is suitable to use in the entire home – from living room to bedroom.

Acacia wood is commonly used to craft show pieces also.

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