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Animal Prints

Animal Print Animal Prints are prints that resemble the pattern of the skin and fur of animals like Leopard, Cheetah, Zebra, Tiger, spotted and striped Hyena etc. Animal prints are being widely used in designing garments, paintings, upholstery and accessories.

Animal prints have been ruling the world for many years now. It has an exotic appeal to them and is considered as a sign of health and status since ages. The animal prints symbolize power, aristocracy and success. Throughout history, the royal people have used animal print capes and coats to highlight their authority.

This print runs beyond clothing and accessories and are widely used for other decorations, including rugs, wallpaper, art paints or painted surfaces. In addition, animal prints may be used in designs for interiors of car, airplanes and building exteriors. Upholstered furniture is also designed in prints of tiger, giraffe, zebra and cheetah, giving a classy look to the entire home decor. Animal prints date back to the days when human wore the animal skin to cover their bodies and also feel warm with the original fur.

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