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Sarla Moondra Artworks Artwork also called ‘work of art’ is a result of the combination of human creativity skills and imagination. It is something that is made and appraised for its aesthetic value. It differs in its physical form and can vary from paintings to sculptures. It also differs in style which can be based on region, culture, belief, etc. In general terms, it is the result of art applied to a product to enhance its beauty.

While it is synonymous to beauty, artwork must not be confused with just a virtual form. It is the tangible form of virtual art which is either created only for its aesthetic value or is applied to a functional object later. A painting is an example of the former; an embellished puja thali is an example of the latter. Indian traditional artists like Sarla Moondra, who portray the rich heritage in their paintings, contribute to the most popular works of art. The popular artworks also include carved wooden objects, marble figurines, abstract paintings, etc.

The admirers of artwork are spread worldwide. They don’t just praise the art, they also collect it. Artworks are sold at a higher price as each piece is considered to be one of its kinds.

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