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Baking Gloves

Bakewell Baking gloves, as the name suggests, are used while baking or cooking. An object of convenience, baking gloves protect the hands from burning while pulling out hot pans or dishes from the oven. Baking gloves are also known as oven gloves and oven mitts. Pot holder also falls in similar category and is used to hold hot pans, pots or dishes.

The concept of baking gloves was originated in 1870s, in Texas. The first pair of baking glove was made of leather and wool by Earl Mitt, a frequent baker who regularly injured his left hand. In order to further protect his hand and for the safety of others, he came up with the concept of baking gloves.

Today baking gloves are made of heat insulators wrapped with decorative fabric. The material used also includes rubber, silicon, and platinum silicon. These materials are easy to wash and dry, and have the capacity to resist high temperature and protect the hand from injury.

One still needs to ensure some basic safety measure while using baking gloves. They are to be used for short durations and when dry. Another safety measure is to avoid keeping baking gloves on oven or microwave when it is hot or cooking is in process. Baking gloves have both commercial as well as domestic use.

One also has the option to buy a complete set of adjustable apron, gloves, pot holder and napkin with different patterns available. With the increased use of microwave and oven, baking gloves have also become an important part of our routine.

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