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Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom Fittings Like a bathroom is to a house, bathroom fittings are to a bathroom – Inseparable! They are the vital bathroom accessories that aid in a convenient bathing experience. It’s because of these that a bathroom looks organized and is easily maintainable.

Wall shelves that store the daily bath essentials like shampoo, moisturizer, detergent, etc., are a part of bathroom fittings. Others include cloth hangers like robe hook, towel holder, cloth dryer, etc. A towel holder can be in the form of a towel ring, a towel rod or even a towel rack for holding multiple towels. Smaller fittings like tumbler holder to hold toothbrush and toothpaste, soap dish or soap holder to hold a bathing bar also contribute to this category.

The material used in their making is metal or plastic or a combination of both. The better the quality of the plastic, the higher is the price. Some products even use ABS plastic which is of very high quality. Most of these fittings use a drilling mechanism to install with the help of nails. Hence, these cannot be repositioned that easily.

While one may think of these as minor category products, they actually are very useful. Some people even go for customized designs using the materials of their preference. This option is available to enhance the bathing and living experience of individuals.

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