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Borosil Blenders play a very vital role in everyday life. From morning juice to evening cold coffee, blenders come as a great help. Technically, blender is machinery which churns solid substance into liquid. Blenders are also used to chop vegetable and also turn into semi liquid. Blender has a motor below on which the jar is placed. The jar holds a pair of blades which help churn things into liquid or semi liquid, as desired.

Hand blenders are different from regular blenders. Hand blenders are light weight and don’t require any jar with blades. The blades are in the motor attached in the blender itself. They are also called immersion blenders.

Hand hold beater is the simplest form of blender but without motor of sharp blades. It is used in kitchen to churn easy things which do not need high intensity of processing. For example to make buttermilk or mix pulses properly.

Smoothie maker is another form of blender which helps in churning the fruit into thick liquid. There is a major difference between juices made via blender and smoothies. In juices the fiber of fruits / vegetable is collected inside the blender and rest comes out as juice, where as in smoothies, the fruit / vegetable is churned into complete liquid and the roughage is not collected separately.

Stevens Electric Company was the first one to start designing the blender in 1919 and was introduced in 1922. There is no denying the fact that they are now an essential home appliance used almost in all households.

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