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Elmwood A bookshelf is a shelf basically used to keep books. Bookshelves or racks come in a wide variety of designs and styles. Bookshelves are ideally crafted out of wood or metal and may or may not be covered. The bookshelves can have a glass or a wooden door.

Bookshelves are not only meant to arrange books but other items can also be kept on it for display. In addition to books, these shelves are now used to store movies, board games, video games, photo frames and other attractive accent pieces.

The various types of bookshelf are-

- Ladder bookshelf: These bookshelves are tall in height. Its lean-to design is ideal for apartments that have space crunch.

- Corner Bookshelf: These bookshelves are specially designed to cover the corners of the room. These are perfect for small apartments. Corner shelves can come in various shapes.

- Wall mounted bookshelves: These bookshelves can be mounted on the walls. Two or more wall mounted shelves can be used in the room, which will also serve as a décor. It's important that you match your new bookshelf to the pre-existing living room furniture.

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