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Compass With Case Compass is a navigational instrument that shows direction in a frame of reference. The frame shows four directions- north, south, east, west. The compass features a diagram called the compass rose that indicates the directions. When the compass is kept at a particular position, it shows the right direction by indicating at the right directions. Compass comes to use when travelling in oceans and the woods.

A compass will always point north because all magnets have two poles- a north pole and a south pole. The property of magnet is that the North Pole is attracted to the south pole of another magnet.

The Earth is a magnet that can interact with other magnets in the opposite way, so the north end of a compass magnet is drawn to align with the Earth's magnetic field. Since opposite poles attract, the North magnetic pole of the Earth is actually the south pole of the Earth's magnetic field. The compass needle's North Pole is always marked in some distinct manner – either in a different color(red/blue) or with an arrowhead.

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