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Dresser With Stool A dresser is a low table or chest of drawers with a mirror at which one sits while dressing, applying makeup or similar tasks. A dresser is what people normally identify as a dressing table. It can come in various sizes.

It can either be big or reasonably compact and portable, depending on the requirement of the user. Generally, dresser is quite compact with medium sized drawers and a mirror mounted on it. The drawers can be used to keep the make-up essentials. It gives the convenience of getting ready by looking at yourself in the mirror. This piece of furniture is generally kept in the bedroom. It may or may not be accompanied by a low- heighted stool where one can sit and apply make-up.

A dresser or dressing table can either be crafted with wood, glass, metal or engineered wood. But a dresser should be bought keeping the other furniture of the bedroom in consideration.

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