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Filled Cushion Filling indicates the material forms the inside mass of anything. In pillows, cushions, duvets and similar articles, variety of filling is used, like cotton, feathers, down, silk etc. The type of filling determines how comfortable, heavy and expensive the article is. In different types of furniture and goods variety of filling is used to shape the particular thing.

The most common types of material used for filling are:
Polyester: Polyester is a man-made plastic and its fibers are utilized as pillow stuffing. Pillows stuffed with polyester are inexpensive and durable. The material takes the shape of neck, head and shoulder support and is comfortable to use. Pillows stuffed with polyester are easy to manage and take care of. It can be washed to keep the pillow free of odors and allergens.

Memory Foam: This same filling is now used in bed pillows to allow equal distribution of a person's weight during sleep. This visco-elasticity allows for easy adaptation to head movements during the night. Once the pressure is removed, the foam returns back to its own shape. Foam within the pillow has hundreds of holes that provide adequate air circulation and prevent moisture collection. Since bacteria and mildew cannot live in foam, the pillows are hypo-allergenic. Dust mites are three times less likely to survive on a foam pillow.

Down Feathers: It's great for sleeping pillows and sofa pillows. Down feather pillow consists of the small feathers found underneath outer feathers on birds. Down pillows are durable and will retain their shape over time. Down is gathered from ducks and geese and is soft.

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