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Jacquard Cushion Cover The jacquard knit is crafted by making use of a loom process in which each warp thread is independent of the other threads. It is formed by a raised design or a pattern woven on a fabric. The designs can vary from floral, geometric, tribal or aztec weaves. This fabric is particularly used in curtains, duvet covers, bed sheets etc.

The main feature of the jacquard fabric is that the design of the textile is fused into the weave, instead of printing or dying. Jacquard fabric gives a rich and sophisticated look to the room.

There are various kinds of jacquard fabric like damask, tapestry, brocade and many more. In damask, the fabric is crafted with silk, linen or cotton and features a detailed design and a shimmery finish to it. In brocade, the fabric features an elaborate embossed or embroidered surface.

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