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Steel Cooktop Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon and comes to use daily. It is commonly used because of its high strength and low cost.

There is varying amount of silicon, manganese and carbon in stainless steel and the content decides the various uses of steel. Steel comes to use in kitchen sinks, cutlery, serving bowls, dinner sets, brewing, food processing, taps, nuts and bolts etc.

Steel come to use in all the industries be it construction, aviation, automobile, furniture, hospitals, kitchen or décor and cannot be missed anywhere. All big plants and machinery are crafted with steel that manufactures other products. So steel is an indispensible part of all the industries.

Steel is classified according to the carbon content in it. For eg. high-carbon steel is useful to cut tools and since it is hard and brittle. Low- or medium-carbon steel is used for making sheets that come into use for various purposes since it is adaptive to welding and tooling. There are many types of steel, some of which are, aluminum steel that is smooth and has a high tensile strength, chromium steel that is commonly found in automobile and airplane parts since it is hard and strong.

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